Quotes added on Wednesday, October 12 2005

*:` gErLz dReSsEd uP ':*
*:` LoOkInG LiKe wHoReS ':*
*:` waLkInG RoUnD KnOcKiNg oN dOoRs ':*
*:` WhEn rEaLLy aLL ThEy WaNt iS $$ mOnEy ':*
*:` iM DiFfErEnT i JuSt WaNt sOmEoNe tO caLL me ':*
iM THiNkInG bOuT sOmEThInG ThAt sTaRts wIth S and enDS w/ X
~out of all the things i've lost i miss my mind the most~
****STOP STEALING!!! the government hates competetion!****
The one thing worse then a broken heart is knowing that you would give ne thing just to be with that one person that gives u butterflies ever time u see him...

... i want u more now then ever before
find a boy who (( wants )) to show you off to the world when your in sweats.who holds yor h.a.n.d in front of his friends who thinks your just as pretty without makeup on, who n-e-v-e-r puts you down...
its like the perfect crime b a b y......
..i stole your heart and u stole mine<33
so far
it together
has been
And In The End, All
I Have Is Myself.<3
when your in jail a friend comes to bail you out, but your best friend is sitting next to you saying "THAT WAS AWESOME!"
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