Quotes added on Thursday, October 13 2005

A million thoughts are racing through my mind
Your one thought I cant put behind.
I just can't stop thinking of you,
But one thing, are you thinking of me too?

Made by...Me <3

You can use it, but don't take credit...
why bother falling for someone who wont be there to catch you
never fall for someone who wont fall back
a best friend is someone who
can make you have the best
day of your life even if .you.
are having t.h.e w.o.r.s.t
x And you thought your parents were embarassing? x
My best friend became my worst enemy...all because of some DUMB guy!

dedicated to JK
What kind of person drops her family, her friends, her whole world for one guy...who in the end is going to break her heart!?!

dedicated to JK
so, there's this guy...and for some reason...he won't leave my mind!!!!
theres a loser in all of us

-the sisterhood of the traveling pants
Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?
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