Quotes added on Wednesday, October 19 2005

~if you want electricity you gotta pay the bills~

haha me and laramie was talking bout doing "it" and she said i wanna do it but i dont want a baby and thats what i said to her! lol
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im just going to sit here and cry while i think of how much i love you...
I love you
You love me
What else is there to see?
<3 <3 <3
How can you say no
to a face like this???
Who is Mike Jonez??
We've had our times, I know they're there
but all I remember is what matters most

deciding to stay up all night,
only to fall asleep in the morning
talking about our future,
sharing our dreams, hopes, and wishes

laughing so hard we could pee our pants,
late nights walks and real truth talks
worries and concerns about nothing at all
wanting things to be what they aren't

decisions can change me completely
life will be different and not so easy
I'll want nothing more
than for things to stay the same

that no matter what ive done
you'll always be my friend
no matter how many miles between us
you'll do what you can

all mine use it dont take the credit
those* nights were happy ones,
the secrets were intriguing,
and breaking the rules was too tempting to resist.
it was all so fun and adventurous.

the sound* of your voice,
echoing in my head as i lay trying to sleep,
our thoughts, discussions, and the disagreements
i miss it all so much.

the way you* listened
you seemed to care about my problems,
even if they were really *nothing big
it made me feel like something special.

these happy times seem like so long ago.
i thought those feelings would last a life time
now im left with empty memories.

all mine
--I'm lookin for a dime.--
>>That's TOP OF THE LINE.<<
~Cute face , slim waste, wit a big behind.~
--I need a dime.--
>>That's TOP OF THE LINE.<<
~Cute face , slim waste, wit a big behind.~

-Ying Yang Twins ft. Mike Jonez-
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