Quotes added on Sunday, October 23 2005

♥Love is just a serial killer
and were all just inocent victms♥

looks good if the heart is blue then "love is just a serial killer" is in green then "and were all just inocent victms" is in blue and the heart is in green
~~~~well i thoguht you loved me~~~~~~
***but since your wiht.....HER*******
@@@@@@you oviously dont@@@@@
+++++so im sittin here crying++++++
-----just leave a messae and i will get back to you on that one_______
summer has gone to past the innocent can never last..wake me up when september ends!
you may think all the good times have gone to waste
but honey -::-m e m o r i e s-::- cannot be r.e.p.l.a.c.e.d.

i thought that when you said bEsT fRiEnDs fOrEvEr...you meant it

ok you can really see what it says but if you make the i and the heart and the y o and u small and the L O V E big and caps it looks good if you do it right and do the L O V E different colors
These boots are made for walking and thats what they do..one of these days these boots are goona walk all over you<3
EvEn ThE bEsT fAlL DoWn
`-->> SoMeTiMeS*
want me or you dont..you'll love me
or you wont -- make up your mind its
now or never..i'll tell you right now,
i'm not waiting forever <3
i try to keep it together
but im baby falling a p a r t
i'll never understand `' why
fate allowed us to meet but
never to be together ;; <|3
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