Quotes added on Monday, October 24 2005

After all the guys
After all the kisses
After all the nights
After all the fights
After all the tears
After all the years
I still only want and love You

100% me dont jock it
10 years from NOW,
it wont matter
what shoes you
how your hair looked
or the jeans you
what will matter<3
is the friends and
the memoreies youl;
get from them_ _ <3
&& from here on its a little hi once in a while...a little call here and there.. then maybe a hang out when were board...

so goodbye to our title BESTFRIENDS

i wrote that about my bestfriend mary cammilleri thats no longer my best friend ....
ugh.. your just jelous cause i`am a bag of LAYS and your just bag of dolla chips <.3
Leave some if you think your LAYS<3
and she walked away with a tear rolling down her face and acting like thing was ever wrong. But they both knew they had made the wrong choice.
{>>cause ill keep you myy dertii lil secret <.3}
got newshoes on your eyes rollin down 95 i can see in your eye cause i m lookin fer a cutie pie and we can cuddle up but if ya dont wanna cuddle up we can make love!
my body yo bodyyy</3
though we seperated at times, i know deep
down Baby Boy Will Always be Mine <3
Shoot for the moon,,
cause if you fall *
ya might just
land in the stars**
Guys are like stars you can wish on everyone...
but only one will make all you wishes come true!
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