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I wanna be ur t-shirt when it's wet; The shower when u sweat; I gotta to be the tattoo on your skin; Ya lemme be ur bed baby - when u climb in... I wanna be the sheets when u sleep; I wanna to be the one that really makes u scream... I wanna be ur lipstick when ya lick it; I wanna be ur high heels when ya kick it; I wanna be - ur sweet love babe ya when u make it; From ur feet up to ur hair - more than anything I swear ;I wanna be the itch that uscratch; wanna be the chair when u relax; I got to be ur razor when u shave; wanna be the one that makes ya misbehave... I wanna be ur hot tub when ur dippin'; I wanna be ur bathrobe when ur drippin'; I wanna be ur cocktail baby when ur sippin'; Wanna be ur sleepin' bag baby slip inside; Let me be ur motorcycle n' take ya for a ride - I wanna be ur hot sauce ya when ur cookin'; I wanna be ur sunglasses - hey good lookin'; I just wanna be right there; more than anything I swear...
Oh ya... I wanna be - ur underwear
I Am Tired Of Waiting , Waiting For Him To Relize I Love Him and He Loves Me...So I am Taking a Risk and Moving on For Now On He Is Not My Crush Not The One I Love but The One I Trust...=/
Be sure it's true when you
Say I L O V E You
Million of ((hearts))
Have been <<broken>>
Just because these words
*Does it make you sad to find youself alone.. And does it make u mad to find that I have grown.. I'll bet it hurts so bad to see the strength that I have shown.. When you answer the door or pick up the phone, you won't find me cause I'm not coming home.. You don't know how much it hurts me to say these things that I don't want to say but I have to say them anyways I would do anything to end your suffering, but you would rather walk away*
I don't LOVE you anymore
I'll be lieing saying
I still want like I always did
I'm sure that nothing was in vain
I feel inside that
You don't mean anything to me
I could never say that
I feed a great love
Day by day U feel that
I forgot about you
And I'll never use the words
I Love You!
I have to say the truth
It's too late!!
(Now read it bottow up)
Nothing stops all these ((thoughts)) and the pain attached to them, sumetimes I wonder why this is [[happening]] it's like {{nothing}} I can do would distract me. When I think of how I shot myself in the <<back>> again cuz from the infinite words I can say I put all the p a i n u gave to me on ||display|| but didn't r e al i z e instead of setting it *free* I took what I H A T E D and made it //part\\ of me
Don't really wanna talk
After E|V|E|R|Y|T|H|I|N|G,
g o o d b y e just isn't enough
You know it's real when you can't stop smiling when
your thoughts revolve around him & he's the one you
feel the happiest with, there's just that something
about him that you don't see in anyone else & when
you're not with him, the only place you want to
be is in his arms!!
Behind every ((girl's)) s m i l e
THere is a [[boy]] who puts it t h e r e
I’m sitting here and letting my mind wonder. I can’t get this out of my head. Soon it will take complete control of me and I wont be able to escape. There are so many unanswered questions. I wish I had the answers. But I don’t know which is worse. The pain of wondering or the pain of knowing. I keep struggling with myself day in and day out. I would like this fight to end but it just won’t. They say you should always listen to your heart and I feel my heart is telling me to keep trying for him. Is my heart leading me into something great and amazing or is my heart just leading me down a road of destruction and heartache. My heart is saying go for it but my mind is in a distant place and its not helping me out. Will the answers ever come? Will he ever let me know? I will wait as long as I need to in order to have the truth revealed.
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