Quotes added on Saturday, October 29 2005

<33 LoVe iT
-> pLaY It
<-> TaLk AbOuT iT
*(your fav sport here)*
&& baby you cant break my <3heart<3
because it |w|a|s|n|t| even w h o l e to start</33
&& you're ohh soo tough, but babay i wanna be your w e a k n e s s <3
When it comes to love
I may not know the rules
But there's one thing I know
My heart belongs to you,
: & baby i just can't keep my eyes off of |y|o|u|
if abrocrombie & fitch said 2 stop breathing more half of the teen population would b dead... if you would laugh @ all the dead preps put this is your profile.!
&& the real truth is...
if you threw my heart on the ground
i would pick it up,
hand it back to you and say
" baby you must have dropped this"
i will not make the same mistakes that you did..
i will not let myself cause my heart so much misery..
i will not break away the way you did you fell so hard...
i learned the hard way to never let it get that far..
because you i neva stray to far from the sidewalk..
because of you i learned to play on the safe side so i wont get hurt..
because of you i find it hard to trust not only me but every1 around me...
because of you..i am afraid</3

because of you by kelly clarkson
i party hard
i'm rock n roll
the grl u really can't control
cute nd sexi... sly like that
guyz kno i got sas
yea i kno i got a nice a$$
i was so scared to say it , but i did anyway and when i said i love you ;; && you said it back ;; uh - i just cant explain how i felt that day <3333333333333333333333333333333333333
100%mine .. iloveyouchristian
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