Quotes added on Monday, November 7 2005

I thought we were MENT to be...
But the truth was you were USING me </3

*** I Take Credit ***
If you LIKE a boy,
TELL the boy.
The boy might just LIKE you 2
And maybe it's been his dream to go out with YOU
Why do fools fall in love?
And why do our hearts break?
Over a stupid boy now that's a crazy mistake!
Don't ya hate it when u like a guy
and ur best friend decides to go out with him?
That can ruin a PERFECT friendship!
WHY can't you like me LIKE I LIKE you?
Is it cuz you know I'm MADLY IN LOVE with you??
You broke my heart a million times,
Love is just some stupid crime
I wish I could hate you, and that you might die...
But my jealous heart thinks this cuz deep down inside...
I wish you were still mine.

***Edited Version of the First One***
You promised you were different,
So I opened up my heart.
For me it was love,
I knew right from the start.

When you went away,
You promised it would stay be the same,
But now I know,
It was just a game.

Your text was so sweet,
But somehow I know,
That when you ring me tonight,
You'll be letting me go.

I know how to act,
I'll keep a smile on my face,
But inside I'll be dying,
And losing the race.

I look at my scars,
Remember my pain.
I know that I,
Can't face this again.

I've been trying for years,
To make amends,
But who was I kidding?
This is the end.

Where I'll go,
I haven't a clue.
But I have to get away,
From everything and you.

But before I leave quietly,
I'm telling you this:

You can break as many hearts as many hearts as you want,
But one day your's will break too,
And no-one will,
Be there for you.

If you carry on like this,
One day you'll look back,
And never forgive yourself,
I'm telling you that.

Let me be the last,
And start afresh,
For thought I wish to hate you,
I wish you the best.

I'm crying from the loss,
My broken heart too,
But remember this baby,
I'm crying for you.
When i look down and see what i do
i wonder why
I liked a boy and he liked me but I am such a fool you see.
We went out and broke up many times, and I couldn’t see any obvious signs. But I know in my mind I should be ova him and hate him 4 what he’s done, but in the end, it’s he who’s one.
I Keep W i s h i n g
For O n e More Day
With [♥] Y o u
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