Quotes added on Monday, November 7 2005

lets go BACKK....

back to the BEGGING</33

looks good IM me for the edits becauseuvyouxxo
why do u PLAY me like that???

i always believe you

but all you do is liee to my FAce
if you fight long enough for the one you love; eventually you will get what you want.

its almost been a year, on nov. 10, and i finally got the love of my life back last night. he means so much to me. and i really do think he is serious this time. <3
Make me love you like u love me<33

do you think it will work??

tell me cause i need to know that i love YOU<33
a conversation between a boy and a girl who were once in love and they seen each other at walmart. the convo that comes later on that evening ....

girl: you looked cute today
boy: in casts??
girl: i dont care about those. nothing will ever affect the way i feel about you <3

the boy broke both wrists by wrecking on his dirtbike. thank God he is ok. i love him sooo much!
friends? arent you supposed to trust them?

but yahh know somefriends are not REAL friends that you can trust!!

100% mine<33

< danielle

Im me becauseuvyouxxo
why am u stuck on you??

thats because i love you more then anoything in this world<33
rumors are as fake aas the people who start them
<i>GiRl ScOuTs SiNg</i> "Make new friends but keep the old one is silver and the others gold" <i>BuT i SaY ThErE BoTH <u>gOld</u>.:-)</i>

By: Caitlin Durra
I l i v e in notes and photographs
and everything I'm holding b a c k
but you're the words that weren't enough
you remind me of a song I used to l ov e
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