Quotes added on Wednesday, November 9 2005

©I wanna let you know that
I'll always love you baby ©

put © in font symbol
(+) look what you have done to me
i use to me soo sweet
look in my eyes....
what do u see
i see a girl unhappy as can be
you never saw it coming
you never looked for signs
but as you sit here you wonder why
an innocent girl(or so u thought) has taken her life
shes taking it with a knife
as you hold up her bloody wrist
you counts the scars
one by one
as tears roll down you cheek you cant take it your done
so maybe this girl seemed happy
did u ever look past her fake smile

all mine 100% yaa i kno its deep
i see him in the halls
i wanna just break down and cry
its like i had him in my hands and just let him slip away
i regret it i must admitt
actually i regret alot of things
all i want is him back in my arms
i try to forget about him i try to move on
but i just can't i hate to say it but i might just love him
now love is a strong word soo only use if u mean it use dont abuse
it pains me so deeply to know he is with someone else
i should have never let him go

all minee 100%
Party hard rock and roll were the class you ant control were bette then the class or 2007 cuz were the class of 2011!!!!
Boyfriends, Pets, Clothes, and Shoes don't last forever, but all I know is Friendships last Forever...

My BfF'S..:+:..((your friends' names here))..:+:..
for every little tear we cried for all the crazy stuff we tried for
staying true through odds and ends no one can replace my
best friend
...tell me everything will be alright close your eyes'
and dream of me tonight tell me that you wont just
fade away.. cross my heart and hope to die tonight
i'll dream my pain away <3
i see through your lies , they're bleeding from your eyes
ii'm SoRry ToO aNnOuNcE...ThaT tHiS ChIcK HaS GoT To BoUnCe SooOoO WiTh An XxX aNd An OhHhH Im OuT LiKe WhOa
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