Quotes added on Thursday, November 17 2005

there will b a moment wen we will meet agen...bby it wont even bother me...ill be looking to the day youll be just an old boy friend xXx
And then we hugged each other
tighter than we ever had before,
knowing that we never would again...XxX
i never knew love til i looked in your eyes i was incomplete
til the day you walked into my life *and i never kNew that my
heart could feel so precious and pure, one love so real can'
i just see you e v e r y morning when i open my eyes , can i
just feel your [heart] beating beside me every night can we
just feel this way t o g e t h e r til the end of all time, can i just
speNd my life with you /[ i Love you Baby <33*Alwayss* ]\
run your fingers through her hair. play along when she says shes mad at you. let her roll her eyes and fuss, then pick her up and kiss her. hold her hand while you talk. buy her flowers. admit when you're jealous. tell her she is beautiful. open the door for her. have bummy nights on the couch cuddling and watching old movies. kiss away her tears. ask her to slow dance with you in her living room. kiss her forehead after she falls asleep in your arms. let her wear your clothes. pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. take silly pictures with her. play board games with her. kiss her in the pouring rain. admit that she is your weakness. write her letters. admit that you've fallen in love with her, and mean it.
When you love someone, it's something. When someone loves you, it's another thing. When you love the person who loves you back, it's everything...!!!
i GoT MaD sKiLLz YoU WiSh YoU HaD.... Ha hA Ha hA....
theres no more tears for you to shed,
as we lied upon that bed,
you cry and cried till you were dead,
you cried cuz all the things i never said.

lol....i made that up on the spot.
I don't even know why i'm even calling
i told myself i'm through with falling..
It's funny when peole say,
"I don't think she likes me."
Honey, if i don't like you,
you're going to know about it.
* Julia Roberts *
& it's no big deal,
so i wasn't good enough for you,
i've never been good enough.
not for anything, or anybody
my whole entire life </3
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