Quotes added on Friday, November 18 2005

& im the kinda girl who keeps makin
mistakes and is constantly getting "'
them shoved in my face _______<3
if u were mine i'd be your everything and you'd be the only thing that i would ever need if you were mine i would tell everyone that you were the only thing that i could ever want
me and my gurls are tight
me and my guys like to fight
but when it comes to u im all
ready to be with u forever

this one i wasnt sure on if it was a break up or not but to me i thou it was i made this one up whn i was feeling down

By Nicole Johns
i said id never love you again never need you
but those words i spoke of were never ture

cause i still dream about you day and night
praying and hoping ur alright

looking at ur name in my skin
and feeling ur name carved in my heart deep down within

youll never be out of my heart or my sole
cause my love for you is something i can't control
GuYs aRe liKe RolLeR cOasTers ThEy EitHeR GiVe yOu tHe tImE oOf ThErE LiFe, oOr ThEy mAke yOu sIck toO yOur StOmAch!
yOur soO liKe duNzO!
.:KrIsTen:. (LBeach)
*ii do what ii want
cas everybodys doin iit*
how can you coope
with the one you love
is with somebody else
and theres n.o.t.h.i.n.g
you can do about it?

im me for this one .. i have the font and colors to make it look cute !
i loOved soOme body soo much...
...but it turns out he loOved her a little more.
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