Quotes added on Saturday, November 19 2005

As you looked into my eyes, you said you loved me, he looked over his shoulder and waved to a waitress, and i stood up and yelled "I'm not following for those lies..."
I ran away in tears, but i know i did the right thing.
school sucks.................
REALLY sucks.................
you just have to live your life
not caring && and shake
off the drama. just to prove
that you're better.
than they think you are
Breaking up is a hard thing to do, but at the moment, it feels like the right thing to do....
person 1: im not a drunk im an alcholoic...
person 2: no your not alcholoic's go to meetings

i know its kinda gay but oh well..
if ya got it.

never let it go...
sitting on my bed, alone...

thinking to myself ((im so stupid!))

over and over again...

i was so close..


i should have listened to the voices inside my head

NEVER a g a i n will i EVER stop...

the pain...

too much pain...

never enough [sorrow]

no sympathy for ones that long for attention...

not me!


i will never let go...

i was close, i was so close, i was TOO close((i tell myself))
the reminders! over and over again!!

like a movie inside my mind..playing it and replaying inside my mind!

i can still remember the incredubly fast rythm my heart pounded when i saw the blood

dripping...sliding down my arm...

onto the knife....

never again will i let go of the intense feeling of letting all the pain

LEAVE and nvr return

give me all yur pain and feel free...

im soaring like a bird, on a cloud. in the sky!
so high!

too high

i can feel my pain slowly fading...

yur face is so clear to me...i memorized it

i can feel yur breathe

i told myself i would never let go of you, and im sorry

so sorry

too sorry

i LiEd to myself....i have to let go

the pain is finaling dispearing...like the rain in the sky

after all these years...

its going away
*the only place*
i feel safe is in the
sound of his [[voice]]
and the *presents* of
his [[smile]]
we hate when u lie,
when u cheat,
and when u say u love us and...
u don't,
so if u dont love us tell us...
so we dont have to go through all....
the PAIN!
Ur GirlFriend
*just listen to ur heart when hes calling 4 u
i dont no where u r going and i dont no y just listen to u heart before u tell him good-bye*
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