Quotes added on Monday, November 21 2005

The Wedding Date - Now who wants to buy, my Hoo-Hah, a drink?
The Wedding Date - You should send God like, a bottle of wine, or some quiche or something...
now the sun has gone away
it's getting colder every day
so before i freeze to death there's something i should say
i don't want this
and i don't need this
and i can't take this anymore
and i won't fake this anymore
am i too lost to be saved?
am i too lost?
my god
return again
return to me salvation
my heart does feel the pain
the pain of
my suicide
Let me help you take off ur shoes untie ur shoe string take off ur cuff links wat u wanna eat boo let me feed u let me run ur bath water watever u desire ill inspire sing u a song turn the game on ill brush your hair and help u put ur doo rag on wanna fut rub wanna manicure baby im urz i wanna cater to u boy
dedicated to john!
my myspace brings all the boys to the page and they like its better than urz and im like u wish it was u better cmment or else imma have a fit.
Sittin here waitin for someone important to come on
if ur alredy on online obviously u arent!
*save a horse ride a cowboy
*save a sk8 board ride a skater

-Those are my 2 favorites
His Riddle Box hoodie....$65
His twizted pants...$83
His red nike air shoes....$87
His hatchet gear boxers....$27

All these things spead across your bedroom floor....PRICELESS
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