Quotes added on Thursday, November 24 2005

Press 1-if you miss me
Press 2-if you love me
Press 3-if your bored
Press 4-if you just wanna chat
Press 5-If you need to tell me sumthin important
Press 6-if you know sumthin i really should know
Press 7-if you just like pushing the buttons to make me mad
Press 8-if you like me & dont know how to tell me
Press 9-if you wanna go out wit me
Press 10-if you need a hug
Press 11-if you want to be my friend
Press 12-if you think im HoT
press 13-if you want hang out today
Press 14- If You Think I am Dumb
press 15-if you think i make u laugh
press 16- if you want to tell me who you like!
press 17- if u cant live wit out me
I know you always loved me.
You just never ->>cared<<-

The Way You Make Me Feel

When my lips touch yours
it is like a dream
i tell you i love you
and you say the same.

when you take my hand
and pull me closer to you
i feel even brighter inside
and i fall even more in love with you.

When we hug
i feel warm inside
i feel loved and taken
i feel like i never want to say good bye.

When we are together
i know the meaning of life
i know that you are specail
and i know that you make me feel right.
you are mine forever
and you always will be
im in love with you
and your in love with me

when im with you
my feelings i cant explain
im juts so happy
and i think you feel the same

we are meant to be together
i know this is true
i never knew what true love was
until the day i found you

i am yours forver
and i always will be
im in love with you
and your in love with me
i wrote your name in the sand
but the waves washed it away
i wrote your name on my hand
but i washed it the next day
i wrote your name on a piece os paper
but i accidently threw it away
i wrote your name in my heart
and forever it will stay.

<<<<you can use but dont take credit!!>>>>
love ya ________________!!
All I do is think of you
Day and Night (that's all I do)
I can't get you out my mind
Think about (all the time)
All the time
B5-i love that song!!

love ya Donnie!!
So it took me by complete surprise
When my heart got lost in his deep blue eyes
hes not at all what I was looking for
hes more

More than I dreamed of
More than any girl deserves
I couldnt ask for more
Than a love like his

i love that song!! i changed the words!! you can use 4 w/e u want. <3
No body gonna love me b.e.t.t.e.r
i'm gonna stick wit u ((forever))
no body gonna take me h i g h e r
i must sick wit u.. <33
if you were mine id be your everything
and youd be the only thing
that i could ever need
if you were mine
i would tell everyone
that you are the only one
that i could ever need OO YEAH!

if theres somethign strange...in your neighboorhood...
who ya gonna call???
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