Quotes added on Thursday, November 24 2005

Just the way he says my name makes me weak at the knees<3
So your with her now and not me...big deal ill get over it...but when you realise who loved you more ill be gone..and there wont be a thing YOU can do about it </3
The day that you realise that im the one for you...i probably already realised your not that one for me if it took you that long<3
If i told you i still loved you would it make you come back to me or just walk away?
The way that he makes me feel you wanna know?
Well that i cant tell you because if i were to tell you...
You would fall in love with him to <33333333
Never say I love you, if it isn't really there
Never talk about feelings, if you really don't care
Never hold my hand, if you're gonna break my heart
Never say you are gonna, if you don't plan to start
Never look into my eyes and all you do is lie
Never say hello if you really mean goodbye
If you really mean forever, Then please say you'll try ..
Never say forever.. Because forever makes me cry...
we laugh we cry we share secrets that we no the other wont tell any 1 bout!! we do crazy fun exciting stuff!! and the best part is that we will always be there 4 each other!!
y is it that i cant get over u; well its because u were the best thing that happened 2 me!! but obiously u dont feel the same!!
Hello, Mr. Heartbreaker,
i've been expecting you..
Oh no you DIT'NT

~~White Chicks
Love that movie
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