Quotes added on Friday, November 25 2005

What a beutifal chocolate man oh oh oh
>3 white chicks
Dear Heart,
Sorry for the butterflies,its his fault.

No credit taken lol there is an icon that says that.
Like omg that is soooo fetch!!!
>3 mean girls Gretchen
Why do we have music class??? Is it to learn music or is it to tourture us??? Why do we have art class??? Is it to learn how to draw or is it to tourture us??? Why do we have gym??? Is it for us to get in shape or is it to tourture us??? (i like gym but for the peeps that dont) Why do we have teachers??? Idk why we have teachers cuz they dont get me anywhere in life!! HA HA
i don`t [[mind]] if *he* catches
me -->staring, because then i
knOw *he* was //_staring_back

catches ~ italics
the 2nd staring ~ bold
back ~ underlined
i asked him to luv me
he told me no
i asked him why everyday i saw him
and 1 day he just told me
She goes dancing around & around without any cares
& her very first true love is holding her hand
& for a moment she is
oh this isn't goodbye it is just hello in reverse!

off the movie Deliver us from Eva
i won`t cross the streets ;;
until you ((hold)) my haNd xO0
0NE B0Y - 0NE GiRL`
two hearts their world
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