Quotes added on Thursday, December 1 2005

ii DO BiiG GiiRL THiiNGS

every day i look at your picture in my picture frame, and realize how much i miss you. </3
When I see u i dont
kno wat to say i get
butterflys in the
stomact and my head
goes every witch way!

put it like this
underline dont
but butterflys in italic
cuz u send me chills
if somebody in ur class stank
take them a rag
and soap
You can't change who people are
without destroying who they were.
;The Butterfly Effect
Y o u r motive was to break my heart
well you succeeded cuz I fell -apart
your love was pure f i c t i o n and
I need it like a pure addiction <|3

yeah I made it up... like it then IM me at UnpredcTble x3
You live in Denial
you took away every
but of my smile
with your lies and
deseption and now
you think I am crawling back

yeah hehe got mad at my ex.... if you like then you can use but don't take it for your own !!
Hold up.
w a i t.
a minute
s o m e;
into it.

haha yeah I like it
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