Quotes added on Friday, December 2 2005

-`*dont bother ill be fine*`-
-`*i promiis you wont ever see*`-
-`* me cry *`-
theres something about the way you are
that gives me b u t t e r f l i e s ©
When i think of a best friend
all i can see is me making these laughing faces
that i can hold all day long
<333 initials <333
i call pain ur name
is my love really that fucken vain
where i cant say ur name
with out feeling pain?
every time i laugh
i feel like crying
and every time i see you
i feel like dieing
i uSeD tO tHinK tHaT whEn I wAs wItH yOu ThiNgS jUsT roLlEd OfF lIkE rAiN oN GlAsS.. bUt WheN yOu lEfT eVeRytHinG goT sO mUcH haRdEr To sLiDe ThRoUgH </3
me without my girls is like:

spongebob without patrick

tommy without chuckie

dora without boots

Steve without blue

(( the initials of all ur freinds that are girls here))
mY oNlY wIsH fOr chRiStMas iS FoR yOu To hOlD mE iN YoUr ArMs onE lAsT tImE <3
T Santa i hav e been a good girl this year, and there is only one thing that i want for christmas....I really dont care about all the presents under the tree..all i want is to have himm..just for me T

The two t's are Snowflakes..if the font is webdings
if you were my homework id do every last bit of you
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