Quotes added on Saturday, December 3 2005

Oh baby ALL i want FOR CHRistMAS is YOuuu
In Love..©
&& your the one that makes . .
me draw those stupid little hearts
on my papers©
[[yeah]] we do act like imature ((idiots))
but at least we are having fun<3

d e d i c a t e d
Robert: well ur grade is just a weeee bit immature

wow ahahahaha your soo funny<3
so amazing. kind of crazy but it`s true that my;
affection is obsession when it comes to you

make lettering black;obsession should be a lite pink bold
you call me names.
because i broke your heart.
you think that will solve everything.
but it won`t.
i try to be your friend.
but you just push me away.
so long s.O.s
so long < / / 3
i luv softball

i luv softball <3

ii wunna boii who looks oh so fine and wont
be afraid to saii "hell yea shes miine" ii wunna
boii who will hold me tite sumone who LOVES
me and treats me just riight ii wunna boii who
doesnt show off n front a his crew but he'll
giive me kiisses and saii "babii ii LOVE YOU"
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