Quotes added on Sunday, December 4 2005

Forget Regret....
she doesn't deserve you
although noone ever said i did either...
and in case you were wondering
you mean -everything- to me...
you made me feel like for once in my life
something just might end up the way i had hoped
what a joke that was, and the way i fell for it
i love you - something called a perfect line
The curtains rising just like the ante
Here we go now, break a leg
No, I literally mean it this time around
I'm sick of you leading me on
I'm sick of you stringing me along
- The Spill Canvas
i'll admit it... i'm falling a p a r t

** try lucida sans unicode, should line up
I smile when im in upset
so you cant see the pain
its just the way it happens
pouring down like rain
You can close your eyes and block your ears,
But you can't lose the pain and stop the tears.
whenever i need a shoulder to cry on...whenever i need someone to tell a secret...you are there...whenever i need somone to laugh with...you are there...whenever,wherever...its doesnt matter you are always there and always will be...

to my best friend Ariel Cobb!!!:)
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