Quotes added on Tuesday, December 6 2005

Aparently i can't help but crawling back to that same sensation.
When i liked you i realized things would never be the same.. I'd always have feelings
And for what reasons?.. I have no clue.
Because in knowing i liked you i was prepared to be hurt.
Knowing that you'd always love her.. & knowing you'd never care
All that's left are my wishes, wishes to high out of reach.
To push myself through hell for the one guy that thinks nothing of me.
Why not? I felt different. I felt love.
And going through everything for you.. that's a path I'd love to lead.
AS always things change, time goes on, but deep down..

I can't hep but know that your my internal sorrow, my external compassion. Because you were in my life I lived life through I took risks to know that there will always be you.
"Hey" is such a small word
But from the right person, it can mean everything
Party till' the music dies
&& In the end..we'll r u n a w a y together
Hand in hand off into the sunset
And n e v e r return [Ox]
&& In the end..we'll r u n a w a y together
Hand in hand off into the sunset
And n e v e r return [Ox]
You know that boy..©©
That you can never get out of your head?
The one that seems to relate to [e v e r y t h i n g y o u d o]
Every song...every word?
The one that, at the mere mention of his name,
Your entire face lights up?
Yeah...that's y o u [[<3]]
Take a [chance]
[risk] it all
get an answer
and hope u won't
[f a l l]
& If you ever get lonely just remember we are ALWAYS under the same STARS <3
[ hes the guy ill always need ]
' _ and the one i`ll only want _ ` ©
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