Quotes added on Wednesday, December 7 2005

a best friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out!
ii wanna be popular
like.. me
when the sun comes out tommorow
and the sky is o so blue
i know that that you will love me
cas it is very true

i thought about you once or twice
but then i had to roll the dice
and wondered how it would turnout
or would you just walk away and pout

cas i love you with all my heart
and i never wanna be a part
of your very special stinky fart

so why dont you just get out of here tonight
before i hurt your feelings,
and you run away with fright
so i guess that we were just friends
and i guess that this is how it has to end!

all mine 100%.. tale nocredit! ♥
as ii role outta bed
i styll go to school
look cutie in my
sweats && no makeup!
i just want you for my own
more than oyu cood ever kno..
... make my wish come true
baby all i wnat for christmas is you ♥
she on another level
she ready for whatever

she fine as a supermodel
BUILT like a coke bottle
hips like handlebars
shorty stoppin all the cars

put that thing down
do it
put that thing down
get to it
put that thing down
she good

mine an ashleys song fer sure! xOXOx_LISA
some friends come
& some friends go
but the ones that stay
are the ones that glow!
she get it from her momma!
back then boyz didnt touch gurlz
cause they sed they had cooties
but now they all is rushin to grab
there BOOTIES!!
you not my best friend because we got that vibe
you not my best friend because we like dem guys

you my best friend cause no matter wat you was the only one that was really der for me

I LUV YA lots (your best friends name)
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