Quotes added on Wednesday, December 7 2005

- when hes not around theres
something missing in her smile
xo__There's a point in life when fake people can no longer fool anyone, and true friends become much more valued. because having someone you can trust is more inportant than anything.
&& ii spend my days just waiting for something better, even though ii know it will never come around...
And to put this nicely I hope you choke on your very last words
Cry MYself to Sleep
Fake a Laugh everyday
pretend to have funn
and enjoy myself
^^ this is the life
I am living when you
just left me here

yeah I made it =)IM me if you like =)
How lucky are we to have something make saying goodbye so hard??

^^ to all muh friends I love dem!
I am just speaking from experience
every time you lie to me I get more
everyday I am still with you
I rearrange the truth

Mhm to all dem loser guys =(
You rearrange the truth with no regret
ever since the very first day we meet
Nothing can compare to the broken heart
here spilled on my floor
yes I am still crawling back knocking on your door

Future Past and Present
which do you live by???
well I'll tell you don't
worry about the future it
is to come don't worry
about the past it is already
done and can't be changed
so just worry about the present
cuz everymoment wasted is a
moment you will never get back
My hands and knees are bruised
from the abussive nights we had
from one fight to another I just
somehow couldn't let you so <|3
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