Quotes added on Saturday, December 10 2005

When the game is on the line
Winners want the ball_____x3
What wont kill you...
Will only make you stronger
Youu` can take iit all a w a y, ii don't [need] iit
lxUnderneath, I'll stiill be the same______________x3
i thought i found myself,
the day that i found you.
future plans for only one,
were ffuture plans for two.

i thought you were the one for me,
but i was blind as you can see.
i told you all my hopes, dreams, and fears,
but all you did was bring me to tears.

now all i have is my friends,
i never thought this relationship would end.
i learned something from all the pain you brought,
these things are things i never thought.

-all mine. use it if u want!!
alot of people make fun of you for stupid reasons, especially if they envy you and your life. let them make fun of you. you affected their lives, they didnt affect yours.
if a cop pulls you over and says "gee son your eyes look red, have you been drinkin?" respond "gee officer, your eyes looked glazed have you been eating doughnuts?"

its not the best but o well
no guy is worth your tears, but when you find one that is, he wont make you cry.
milk does the body good, but..damn...how much did you drink?
do you believe in love at first sight? or should i walk by again?
a million words would not bring you back, i know cause ive tried. neither would a million tears, i know because ive cried.
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