Quotes added on Tuesday, December 13 2005

Daddy wheres m/o/m/m/m/y i cant find mommy where is she
i dont know go play h.a.i.l.e.y baby your daddys busy
this song isn't g:u:n:n:a write itself
i give you one underdog and you gotta swing by yourself

maje it pretty ppl
looks good wit underdog bold amsna secong mommy underlined
ii_ think ii need Y.O.U.
never give up on your dreams...never give up on who you are or who you ever wanted to be...because at one point it was everything you wanted
love life...cuz you only get to live it once..
Friends will say hey and wave in the halls but…
Best friends will give you a big hug and telll you how much they love you *(aNb)*
In a world of apples be a bananas
In a world of cheerios be a froot loop!!!
Friends are supposed to help you through rough times
not put you through them!!!;-)
some times you just
gotta suck it up,
blink away the tears,
and put on that fake
smile that you've been
wearing for so long now.
not many people know
that your dying inside
but the ones that do know dont
know how it feels.and all
that you can think about cant
is how you cant stand this feeling
for that much longer..

*origanal im me for more
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