Quotes added on Friday, December 16 2005

i need someone to stay with me when times get tough .. someone to hug & kiss me when i've had enough. when i get tired of hearin the same bullshitt everyday, i need someone to tell me, "baby, your gonna be okay."
if love was a video tape, i'd rewind it when we broke up .. play it when we started dating, fast-foward when we fought, & pause at every kiss ..
people say "why do you like him" & honestly, i donno .. but theres just something about him and i just cant let him go ..
theres always a real reason behind every "just wondering"
your enemy's enemy is my friend ..

*if you dont get this, ill explain*

it means that your enemy .. the person YOU hate, enemy is your friend .. he's ur friend because you hate the same person* .. idk if that makes sence, but i get it lol ..
b*tch, please, you must have a mental
disease assume the position and
get back down on your knees.
what doesn`t kill you 'only makes you
stronqer so when you think ur hurtinq
me ' your just helpinq me last lonqer «
((everyone)) wants to live on top of the [[mountain]]
But all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing
.. and I sit && listen to everyone elses` love
stories and i think to myself.. "where`s mine?"
l|[d o n t aploigize « - - - -* ]|l
l|[fer sayiing « - - - -* ]|l
l|[what yew feel « - - - -*||]|l
l|[ cause thats liike « - - - -*||]|l
l|[sayiing sorry « - - - -* ]|l
l|[for being r e a l « - - - -*|]|l
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