Quotes added on Sunday, December 18 2005

gorgeous eyes with
a gorgeous smile
he made her life worth while
a broken soul and
a broken heart
the day he made her world
fall apart </3

smile: italics,pink
broken: bold
heart: underline, pink
</3: pink
i know this >hurts<...it was m.e.a.n.t. to
your secret*s o u t and the BEST part is,
it isn*t even a *good* one,
and it*s mind over ((you dont, dont)) matter. fob*
My Wishes Come True..
the minute i see you
we are better off
this way _x
true love never has happy endings
cause true l o v e never ends...
wonder why your
*mind cant *function*
baby its called
*sweet seduction*
b e b a c k l a t e r
and i almost had you but i
guess that doesn't cut it.*
almost had you&& i didn`t
even know it.... You kept'
me guessing and now i'm
destined 2 spend my time
* m i s s i ng * y o u * x`3*
Stick your hand in my pocket..
i think thats "HOT!" _x
Dear Santa,
Mommy always told me to write a letter to you telling
you exactly what i want. You see, now i'm a teenager '
& i've changed. I dont want those toys you make with
your elves or a special bike to ride. I want this one
special person. It's kind of hard to explain but i *need
him like you need Mrs. Claus. Just try to make it
happen and go get him <33 Love, Me <33
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