Quotes added on Sunday, December 18 2005

ive waited all my life to find sumone like you
iits all worth the wait cause urr the only one
me baby......ii could have never asked for more

Jump like a girl
Yell like a girl
Kick like a girl
Fly 2o ft in the air like a girl
Cheerleading= obsessions
Trust...your bases
laugh...with your team
live....with your sisters on your team
sir, i want to buy these shoes for my mama,
please..it's christmas eve and these shoes
are just her size. could you hurry, sir..daddy
says there's not much time. you see she's been
sick for quite a while and i know these shoes
would make her smile..and i want her to look
beautiful if mama meets jesus tonight <3
lets sit by the fire
roast marshmellos <3
sip hot chocolate <3
be the perfect couple everyone wiishes they could be
theres a spot in my heart
thats calling your name<3
and it will alwaiis be there
theres a little girl inside of you that spends so many hours of practice....dont let her down dont givce up do the best you can...shes cheering you on...you can do it
smile cause you will never no who is watching
and who falls in love with your smiile<3<3<3
how can you say you love sum1
if you dont mean it
how could you say you need sum1
if you dont want them
how could you say you care
if u lie
we get good in the hood (rich) ; we pop our collar n make them hollar . . . we shop at abercrombie and hollister too
thats the way we do it me and m y c r e w < 3 3
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