Quotes added on Monday, December 19 2005

if you eva get to wantin somethin sweet to lick on... you kno where 2 find me!!!
my jeans come with holes
not my heart
There is a difference between funny and stupid. Stupid people that write stupid things that are NOT funny should make up a new file called STUPID QUOTES or put their crap in RANDOM quotes because I go to the funny section to find some thing FUNNY!....Thank you for reading this and please consider what category your quotes should go in[I'm just putting this in funny so that the readers and writers of funny quotes can read this]
.:. Real Eyes .:.
.:. Realize .:.
.:. Real Lies .:.
f= fun loving
r= rockin times u have
i= in the end they are always there
e= excellent at makin u feel better
n= never turns their back on you
d =dumb moments u experience with each other
in the end it comes down to one thing
a true best friend!
You know I'm just a fool who's willin,
to sit around and wait for you.
But baby can't you see,
there's nothing left fot me to do.

-<3- I'm hopelessly devoted to you.

font: terminal (all)
italic fool
light blue background for the second line
(-<3-) the heart but in cosmic sans font
(I'm hopelessly devoted to you.) but the font in
Felix Titling
&& then we can stay up late
lay on the trampoline with cocoa
&& sleeping bags looking up @ the stars…
we can w.i.s.h. our night a w a y…
i cant help it. your like my drug.
cant stop it, ... painful and sickening
to lose xl3
i cant help it. your like my drug.
cant stop it, ... painful and sickening
to lose xl3
i've got sunshine
on a cloudy day...
when it's cold outside
i've got the month of
May.. i'd guess you'd
Talking bout my girl x3

-My Girl; The Temptations!

LOL MAGEE JOSH N EVAN! yu guysz rule x3
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