Quotes added on Thursday, December 22 2005

i think i love you
plesae dont prove me wrong
just say to me
"i think i love you too"
i dont know if i should smile because we're friends
or cry because thats all we'll ever be.

&& that gurl cant wait for the say when she can finally say she loves him
and for him to say he loves her too.

being with you is unbelieveable
i dont care if people tell me im obsessed.
all that i care about is me
being with you
sometime in my life
you may say you dont want a gurlfriend right now..
but babey i will wait forever for you
becasue i love you .that much.

underline that
i love it when we hug
because at that ((exact)) second
im holding my entire world

underline entire
i promie you i wont let go
i promise you i wont give up
i promise you i wont lie
&& i promise you..
if you give me one chance.. i will love you forever<3
&& if you just look into my eyes
you can see how much i really need you.<3

bold really
trust me babey
if you give me one chance
<3ill be all you ever need<3

underline ever
bold one
babey im trying my hardest not to give up on you<3
because a major part of me is telling me sometime soon
youre going to see that you really DO need me

bold major
bold do
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