Quotes added on Thursday, December 22 2005

promises are just words unless they are fulfilled.<3

across five aprils-a year from now
--> its destiny for us to be together<--
i just know it.
im tired of biting my nails around you

im tired of my heart skipping beats when im around you

im tired of just waiting for you to realize

how much we are really meant to be together <3
ok so theres this boy
&& he kinda just stole my heart

&& i dont want it back.

underline dont
ok so lets keep this between me and you;;
i kinda/sorta have a major crush on you.

underline major
&& bold major
not a day goes by
that i dont think of you
after all this time
you're still with me its true
As i lay in bed at night
-i think of you
-i think of your gorgeous eyes
&& your gorgeous smile

And then i think
&& wish
that you're possibly thinking of me too..
i just wanna be the one that you look forward to seeing everyday
-who you stay awake at night for
-and you tell all your guy freinds
"you're falling in love with me"
babey wen i look at you
all i see is our future

t o g e t h e r
so please
get down on one knee
open up a case
with a plastic ring inside
and tell me you love me<3
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