Quotes added on Thursday, December 22 2005

so im just this lonely gurl
that striving for you to just give her o n e chance
to prove to you that she really is
t.o.t.a.l.l.y worth it.
i want a boy who will give me his favorite sweatshirt
and he will always whisper in my ear
.even if we are a million yeas old, butterflies wil still go crazy inside of me.
im not obesessed with him
hes just my s w e e t a d i c t i o n
love starts with a s m i l e
grows with a k i s s
and ends in a t e a r d r o p
dreaming of you just isnt good enough
i need you h.e.r.e
with me to make this dream
im filming *rubber duckies gone wild* in my shower right now.. be back later..


even if we arent together
and we might never be together..
wont stop me from loving you<3

..forever n always..
maybe i should ask him if i gave up on him would he even care?
&& i whispered to myself..

he is my everythng..
this is part of a song that i wrote.. its on my cd that i just recorded.. lol..

*your my everything..
your my earth, my sun, my moon, and my stars..
baby.. your even my venus and mars..
i love you more than anything in the world
forever im your girl..*

its mine.. dont take credit..
<3, Nae
im me at.. Lilcaramel6613
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