Quotes added on Friday, December 23 2005

her laughter
your smile
both of your hand held so close
it breaks my heart again </3

make font trebuchet ms
My ex: Look I'm not used to saying this on the phone, and like since we broke its so hard to say...
Me:What is it?
My ex: One, i gotta go and two I'm madly in love with you
*hangs up*

Awww im like in love with that kid...I think we should get back together...msg me with what you think.
One more thing...
how is it -My Fault?-
All my life i have Prayed for someone like you<3
It's hard to lead the life [[you]] chose
you were born and origanal- dont die a copy<3
Dude! Where's my Couture?
i heart Juicy COuture<33333333
Juicy Girl's get it done
have you ever had someone pull away from you and all u wanted to do was grab their hand and pull them back to you but u lose ur chance cuz u had to think,''does he want me to pull him back or does he want me to just let him go forever''.But before i could answer that he walks awayso i just decided to grab his hand and i pulled him back and said i want to be with u forevr and i love you with all my heart but im not sure what u want anymore everything is so diffrent now..talk to me what happened when u spent that day with ur ex r u havin second thoughts abotu US..i worked so hard to get u and now that i finally got u,u wanna get away..what happened to the old u the one who was always sayin i love you soo much i wanna spend the rest of my days with u i wanna marry u and be with u forever..but i guess no one stays the same..so now im here sittin in my bedroom crying wishing ur arms was around me liek old times..but i guess those days r just a memory...But i'm glad i have a memory still but i guess now i'll have to make new ones..

~~~~Hey danny i wrote this about u cuz i miss you and everything has changed i miss the old us...i want you back..I love you and always will no one can change that..~~~~~ <3 Megan
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