Quotes added on Saturday, December 24 2005

we've been through it all ; no one can ( G U E S S )
we're friends forever - > and we'll stay the VERy BEst

bold no and can to make it even
sometimes she's just the girl who
is falling for you more and more
each day. but you're the boy that
doesn't even understand who she is
and she keeps on telling herself
'maybe he will understand' but
deep down inside she knows that
he never will.
i want to live my fantasy -- to be with you <3
but then again, doesn`t everyone ?
someday he'll realize how much
she really did like him. but till
then, he's just oblivious to the
without my friends i don't know where
i'd be. they know how to make me smile
even when i am about to cry. and they
always know it too. thats why they are
the greatest friends, ever
you are my everything and i am your
nothing. will you ever realize how
much you are to me? instead of making
me die inside. each time i see you talkin
to her and not me, it just kills
you said 'i'll love you, forever'
but guess what? you lied straight
to my face. i never thought someone
like you was like every other guy out
there. thanks for it all
you think you know me inside and out
but you really don't. you don't even kno
half of my own story.
sometimes when i don't know what to do
i go right to my crew. if it wasnt for them
i don't know what i'd do. to my crew
thanks for it all
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