Quotes added on Wednesday, December 28 2005

she refuses to add to the drama. she hides her
pain and just paints on a smile. not wantiNg to *
be a burden ,she pretends to have it togetHer
and nobody knows that inside she is 1O0
percent broken</3
And now you don't know what to do because all you knew was the chase, and she's been running months ago.
&& that moment keeps playing in my head
everynight before i go to bed
its like a movie scene that wont stop playin
im the lead lady
and you're my main man
you don't love me though
its too bad you're with her
but babe your kiss took my breath away
i can still remember it today
and i can't help that i fell for you
i just hope you fell too
cuz I'd pick you over any other guy
and i look up into the sky
lookin for the end of this movie
to see if im really the star of the show
just waiting laying low
wonderin if i'm your cinderella
or im just one of those girls that comes before
the one you truely adore
but i know that you'll always be
the prince charming for me
take my heart away, so i cant feel the pain
as the tears run down her cheek, she plays back the memories in her head that she had with him. </3
go up behind her and tickle her she`ll scream and tell
you to stop but i promise that inside she loves it..<3
"I'm going to ride this plane out of your life again.
I wish that I could stay but you argue.
More than this I wish you could've seen my face"
-Coheed and Cambria
baby i must confess, we were bigger than anything
remember us at our best & 'don't forget about us
I want him to come up behind me and
wrap his arms around my waist just*
* to catch me off gaurd and wisper_
`--» . . . I L o V e Y o u
maybe my heart didnt really skip a beat. and maybe the twinkle in your eye was just the sun reflecting weird. and maybe that feeling in my stomache was just not having enough for breakfast. and maybe I just thought it was love
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