Quotes added on Monday, January 2 2006

& she wonders if it was all just a dream.
when she tells him she misses him.
she means it.
more than anybody does.
no questions.
never say something you don't mean.
boy- i like you, your pretty
girl- good for you
boy- your as pretty as an octipus
girl- omg stop talking to me you dummie
boy- hey i'm not dumb!
girl-ya, ok
boy- why do u think i am a dummie
girl- do u really want to know?
boy yes!
girl- well you suck at every subject, you cant talk to a girl, i mean seriously my pinky toe has more inteligence then you do in your hole body! and thats a fact!
your school picture is framed
i keep it under my pillow
now my neck hurts every morning
bcause of you... ;-)
just one rose, is all i need to feel loved <3
when i look into
your eyes
i become confused
and i feel like i'm somehow lost
in a world of darkness
and then i see
your perfect girlfriend
and i realize that eyes can only see whats on the outside
so beautiful eyes must only see whats beautiful on the outside
and not on the inside
only your heat can see that
but if your eyes are that beautiful then they could over rule your heart

.Sweat, Blood,Floorburns.
.Suicides, Spandex, Diving.
{V} {O} {L} {L} {E} {Y} {B} {A} {L} {L}
My Sport, My Life, My Obsession

this one is for all my allgegro girls...lyl<3
Me And my team are tighter than our spandex.
{V} {O} {L} {L} {E} {Y} {B} {A} {L} {L}<---- My Anti- Drug

To My Allegro girlies....lyl<3
I dont wanna think about you
'or think about me'
Dont wanna figure this out
I dont wanna think about you
or think about nothin'
Dont wanna talk this one out
I won't let you bring me down
'cause I know,' I don't wanna think about you, don't wanna think about you::</3
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