Quotes added on Friday, January 6 2006

Game or Love?

I love you with all i have, but to you it's just like i'm a game
I'm asking one thing, tell me do you love me or not
I've been played, knocked down, &&` heart broken.
I see you flirting with her, even when im around
Did you not realize that she was my sister?
Now i'm leaving all of my fate into your hands.
Just please don't lie and say you love me, if you don't mean it.
.·+ i RealLy thOughT it Was mEanT to Be +·.
boys will come & go
but your trues friends
will always be there
to say .. "hey you want
me to kick his butt?"
gymnastics is life.
all the rest is just details
skrew luck charms
im already MAGiCAllY DEliCiOUS!
im stronger without you.
the word of the day is legs...
how bout we go back to your place
& spread the word...?

OMG haha my friend Austin told me that one
lol ..
you only live once.
but when you live like us
once is enough
theres nothing a girl wants more
than something she can`t have.
& sometimes i wish he would
just walk right up to me and kiss
me without a care in the world
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