Quotes added on Saturday, January 7 2006

A crush is something that could last for a day
Like is something could last for a month
but [ L O V E ] is something that could last forever
im lookin for mrs.bubblegum
im mr.chic-o-stick
i wanna dun dun dunt oh cuz u so thick
girls call me jollyrancher oh
cause i stay so hard
you can suck me for a long time omg
girl this aint a dance floor
it a candy store
and im really geeked up
and i got mo dro
i pop,i roll,its soft i know
its the summertime
but ur laffy taffy got me cold
get loose oh get low
dont be shy how im Faybo oh
i know you wanna ride
you a star and it shows
well tell dang was up was up lets go lets go lets go
girl shake dat laffy taffy!!!
dat laffy taffy!
shake dat laffy taffy!
girl shake dat laffy taffy!!
sorry ____(guys name)...i dont speak english

(me n my friends say this [in english] to guys we dont feel like talking to or just dont like...)
I know you're sorry...now apologize
life is an opportunity ... benefit from it
life is a beauty ... admire it
life is a dream ... realize it
life is a challenge ' ... meet it
life is a duty ... complete it
life is a game ... play it
life is a promise ... fulfill it
life is sorrow ' ... overcome it
life is a song ' ... sing it
life is a struggle ' ... accept it
life is a tragedy ' ... confront it
life is an adventure ' ... dare it
life is luck ' ... make it
life is life ` ... fight for it.
& she said, "where have you been my whole life?"
& he answered, "looking for you.."
Everytime i turn around i find my heart in pieces on the ground...
Did you mean what you said, when you told me you "love me?"
Did those conversations on the phone mean anything to you... Did I mean anything to you... Do you even rember us..?
Noah- I can be anything you want me to be!
Alli- Your dumb!
Noah- I can be that!

--- The note book ----
I miss your smile, your expressions, your personality, your looks, your jacket, your love, I miss you! Bu the bi question is do you miss me, do you rember us, do even rember me?
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