Quotes added on Monday, January 9 2006

Lee Evans - Ooo, hes mugging you!! He' taking all your money!!!
Lee Evans - Maybe sometime in the morning, maybe sometime in the afternoon...or maybe not at all
Scene *Nice Restaurant*
Flick peas at someones head till they turn around, and then yell "Pea War!!"
Fender in Robots - Ve are leaving in a huff
Nobody cares, nobody cares!

I guess you had to be there...
You had to be there to appreciate the full comical value of the situation
If I die,
And go somewhere far,
I'll write your name,
On every star.
So all the angels,
Then can see,
Just how much,
You mean to me.
If a kiss was a snowflake,
I'd send you a blizzard.
No man is worth your tears,
And the one who is,
Won't make you cry.
no matter how many times he hurts me
i will always forgive him.
some call it stupid, i call it love.
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