Quotes added on Wednesday, January 18 2006

Here are some rules for School.

~Walk Fast to class, so that you aren't late!
~Do every assingment even if you feel bad!
~Go to bed by 9:30, so you can function in class!
~Eat Breakfast every morning...It's the Best meal for you!
~Drink lots of Water, so your brain will be hydrated!
~One coke or soft Drink is enough for one day!
~Eat Lunch...Its the second best meal of the day!
~When you get home start on your Homework first thing, and don't stop until you are completely done with every bit of it. Because if you wait you won't want to do it later!
~Lay out your clothes the night before so when you get up in the morning you can just put them on and go!
~Eat a light dinner...so you won't be hungry at midnight and want to eat.
~Now, you are ready to do all this again tomorrow!
Was that an earthquake?
Did I just Rock your world?
K and like a lonely highway
i am trying to get home

*Put the K in Webdings
C I'd burn this whole city down
Just to show you the light

*Put the C in webdings
you say no but i say yes i say why you say i dont no.
i say hi you say bi i say stop and you say go go go. uh no!
i dont know why you sy goodbye i say hello
There's no combination of words
I could put on the back of a postcard
No song I could sing
But I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a, shoebox of photographs

EDiTS-Arial Font 8,Light Gray font,
light blue-combination,sing,real
light green-could,can,photographs
It's always better
when we're together..

EDiTS- First line Impact
Second Line Comic sans or Arial
...A Pittsburgh girl knows just as much about football as her guy friends, in some cases, even
more.She owns a Steeler jersey not just because it's cute but because she supports her team and understands the game..A Pittsburgh girl Bleeds black and gold!!! If you are a pittsburgh girl holla!!!!


love them boys! xoxo
I'll meet you there...

I'll meet you there
in my dreams
where hearts dont get broken.
people dont cry them selfs to sleep.
love is forever.
Promises are never broken.
me && you could be together forever
i'll meet you there..

In my dreams..
love is such a powerful word be carful b4 you say it to someone b/c after you might not mean it.........

when you go out with someone say to ur self "why am i going out with him" and then think if u relli love him .....<3
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