Quotes added on Saturday, January 21 2006

and so the fairytail ends... :-(
i thought i would be with you forever but the way you are now we just cant be together
Love can be painful,*
But can also be kind,~
but when it comes to him,*
you cant help but loose ur mind!~

deticated to the boy i Lov3!! R¢¾
~* I take all the Credit for this!*~
Through all of the stupid fights and all of the inside jokes and laughing at the stupidest things.....
I know were always there for each other
the pills go down and im blant and obvious you tell me not to but i cant take it nemore
&&& its hard to find fame
in a sea of all the same
hard to make a name for yourself
when all people look at is wealth
your just that plain Jane
staring at these people, so vain
as you glance
they’re not even giving you a chance
judging you by your appearance
little do they know about your perseverance
you just turn your back && throw out a little whatever
but you know you wont change for them, never
yes, i still love you
i realize im the one
that broke ; your ;
heart. and i regret it
i just want you back.
for it all to be the same.
like it was when we
were :together:
- you stare at him alot.
- he can always make you laugh.
- you can tell him anything in the whole world.
- you always seem to find yourself thinking about him.
- when hes anywhere near you, you have to be with him.
- you go crazy over every little thing.
- whenever your with him or you think about him you cant help but smile =)

- hes stares back.
- he always has to make you laugh.
- you always seem to make him laugh too.
- whenever your around, he's with you.
- he call's you any chance he gets.
- he touch's you whenever he gets the chance, even ifs its just a little touch.
- he picks you over his "boys"
- he lets you know he cares about you, he finds ways to show you.
boys will be boys,
girls will be girls,
and i will be gone for 15 minutes =)
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