Quotes added on Tuesday, January 24 2006

I want this school year to go by fast,
So I can just leave this bullsh*t in the past.
Drama, boys & friends,
Friendships that you thought would never end.
Hanging out on Friday nights,
Always getting over those stupid little fights.
Sharing smiles & tears,
Along with dreams & fears.
Laughing till we were blue in the face,
Telling eachother, "no one can ever take your place".
Now our friendship has come to an end,
But I'll always have a helping hand to lend.
I'll always be here for you,
Hopefully you'll be here for me too.
I'll always love you guys,
And when you need me just look up in the skys.
And I'll be here within the blonk of an eye.

By: Caitlin 1/10/06
100% Miine
And how high can you fly with broken wings?
Life's a journey, not a destination,
And I just can't tell what tomorrow brings..

Aerosmith: Amazing
Cause I have found,
All that shimmers in this world
Is sure to fade away again...

Fuel: Shimmer
I may not be..
-The *PreTTiEsT* girl alive-
-The *RiChEsT* girl alive-
-Or the *SmArTeSt* girl alive-
..But I do know? ..Im..
-The *-LuCkIeSt-* girl alive-
..Because I met *yOu
eve was desperate because the first guy she saw naked was adam
I dont mind
if he catches
me staring,
Because then i know he was
staring back.
Mabye its the way you say my name or the way i get butterflies whenever we talk or the way you make me laugh when nothing is funny, but whatever it is i LOVE you,and im NEVER letting go.
The only time
my best
friends make
me cry is when
im laughing
its amazing
how one
can make
your day
if vollyball was a drug i'd be high all the time.
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