Quotes added on Wednesday, January 25 2006

I'm a STUD
i already have STD
all i need is U . <3
if you love someone don't put their name in a heart but instead a circle a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever.
i want you to love me enough you'd turn your back on your best friend if he put me down.
i hate when the phone rings and your name doesn't show,
<i>Whisper</i> in my heart that you love me too. its a secret wish that I want from you.
Whenever you ask me, "Whats up?"
and I say, "Nothing"...
it actually means Im doing something...

Im thinking* about you
All of our *memories* go down the drain.
We werent together long enough is a shame.
Give me a kiss that`ll last forever;;
Just so I know that we were together.
&& just so you know .. your
starting to lose your biggest fan
I'll prove to you ....
... that I cant survive with out you <3
&& will you tell all your friends
that you got your gun to my head?
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