Quotes added on Friday, January 27 2006

and just when i thought it couldnt get any worse...
it did..</3
People say kids cant be in love ..
but they re obvisly wrong cuzz
im maddly in love with you <3

editss :
- say: italics
- love: (both)pink
-obvisly : italics
- madly: bold
- <3 : pink
Best friends is a promise not a label .. <3
And my night in shining armour turned out to be a loser in alumninum foil
I will Never forget The times we cried
or the times we laughed; the friday nites
and then satudays we stayed in bed till 12:00
I will always remember the rules we broke
the trouble we caused; or the the fights
we fought. And most of all the boys hearts
that we broke <33 my girls for life aAf _x3
Our Names go perfect
T O G E T H E R <33
For valentines day i dont want any candy or a teddy bear
I want the love of my life to ask me out in front of everyone !!
&& dreams are only good
until you have to wake up
& face the sad reality </3
Just wake me when its over
When the curtain's raised
It's time to move on
Exit now, Credits rolling
The girl who stole my heart
the one that got away.

ScreenWriting An Apology-- HawThorne Heights
i love it when you call me babygurl..
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