Quotes added on Saturday, January 28 2006

could be anywhere in the word but hes not because he
chooses to be with her - The Perfect Man

make squigly n in font webdings

x0x Alver
If you don't stand for SOMETHING, you'll fall for ANYTHING.
kisses sometimes sweet sometimes sad some of the best, you wish u had some kisses regretable others unforgetable but a kiss from these lips....totally memorable
This wasnt (((supposed))) to be my path. This is not were i was ((supposed)) to wind up. But i am so GLAD that i landed right here in your (*(arms)*). <333
Please someone tell me why, why is it that whenever i put my heart on the line ((unprotected)) i get hurt so badly?
And it seems to me that all we ever do is wait. We wait until we find the right person and when we do we wait for them to show us a sign,while there waiting for you to show them a sign. And finally yes finaly you both just give up without realiing that life is about taking **chances**.And maybe its okay to fall sometimes.
And your always told to open up and let people in. Yet, when I do I always seem to get hurt and wind up wishing that i just never gave it a chance at all.
::*she held the gun.he waited.then finally just pulled trigger.that was it the realtionship was over*::
© there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach

change the c's to the font symbol
change the n to the font webdings

we're soaring ; flying should be the font Georgia size 14

bottom part should be the font ariel size 18 in superscript

color the plane and "we're soaring ; flying" in any color but make them the same
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