Quotes added on Sunday, January 29 2006

diamonds are pretty
&& so are pearls
but nothing is as goregous
as me and my girls©
The only thing better than the kiss itself is the moment right before it... When the [ l o o k ] in his **eyes** could leave you [ B r E a T h L e S s ]
Your the o.n.l.y one who makes me draw
those [stupid] little hearts on my papers
[Someday] you'll cry for me
like i cried for you
someday you'll [miss] me
like i missed you
someday you'll need me
like i [needed] you
someday you'll **love** me
but i wont love you<33
f [tears] could build a stairway and **memories** a lane I'd walk right up to [heaven] and bring you home again.....Loved ones are never [forgotten] yet we still wish that it was that SiMpLe to bring them home again
Love starts with a hug, [ g r o w s ] with a kiss, and ends with a tear
anyone can catch your e y e s, but it takes someone s p e c i a l to catch your [ heart ]
I'm That *star* up in the sky
I'm That Mountain ^Peak^ up high
Hey I made it
MMM, I'm the Worlds Greatest
dont follow the ruls... follow your hart

xoxo - mine
Roxy || Hollister
not just a brand
but a life style
© © © © © ©

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