Quotes added on Monday, January 30 2006

who do you choose when your torn between two
the one you love ? or the one who loves you♥
Live...Laugh...Love...thats all there is too it.
I never in a million years thought i being saying this...but hes gone.</3
Her smiled faded; you only see her cry.
She no longer laughs; you only her her gasps
You dont see a bracelet around her wrist; only a slice.

All these reasons...
Because she doesnt know why she exists.
Her smile faded;
now you only see
her cry. She no longer laughs;
you only hear her
You see the cut
through her wrist.
Not the bracelet
she used to wear. You want to see her smile;
so we know she's happy.
You want to hear her
laugh; so we know she's
having fun. You want to see her wounds
heal; so we could witness
something real.
I am crying.
I am dying.
I dont know what to do.
I just wanna get close to you <|3
Maybe in your dreams; you'll see us together. And then you'll wake up in a spitting sweat because you thought wrong about us. You just saw it yourself. We're PERFECT together.
I hope I haunt you in your sleep.
I hope you get nightmares about me dying.
I hope you realize who really loves you.
I hope you change your mind and call for the [color eyes here]-eyed girl that no longer smiles
Go head mv me im raps mvp and i aint goin no where till ya get to know me

-The Game & 5o Cent {hotties}
if i could have anyone in the world..
you 'd still be my only choice <33
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