Quotes added on Wednesday, February 1 2006

I sit there and wonder. Wonder whats supposed to happen. Who what and am i myself. Im confused. No way to escape. I think about the simpler days. Talks to your parents. Testing and stress about extracurriculars. What am i? Im a TEENAGER

Edits-Do everything i one colour than TEENAGER a diffent one
If a fat man comes down ur chimney on Christmas night and tries to stuff u in a bag, Dont freak out, I told santa i wanted u for Christmas.

Apparently this is for xmas. Do ever other word green then red. It looks cool
When he looks at me i cant help but smile!!!
Smile if you think your beautiful...
So why am I the only one smiling?

I thought it was funny hopefully u will like it
High School is like the Countrys. Some are richer some are more known and some......You just dont know why there hear!

LOL I think its funny hopefully u will to
When I close my eyes....Your actually HOTT!
I look at you and smile. You look at me and wonder why im smiling. You dont know it but im smiling because you have spinach in your teeth
I rather sit and wait and conquer then rush and get defeated
I look around and i see your face. I wonder why. Why would you be there. I look through the window of the place. You smile. Little children run and play. Where are u.........Chuckie Cheeses

If someone goes up to you and says I like your shirt then say thanks.If someone goes up to you and says I like your pants then say thanks.If someone goes up to you and says I hate your boyfriend say your dating her brother.
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