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one day a old lady was walkin down the street wit two garbage cans a police car drives bye her and said "miss you dropped a $20 bill" the lady says "oh thank you sir your very sweet for tellin me" the policeman then sees that she has a whole in the one garbage can wit money in it and says "umm miss were did you get all this money from?? did you rob a bank or somethin??" the very sweet lady says "OH NO sir i would never commit shuck a crime" and the police officer say "well will you mind tellin me were you got all of the money from??" she says "well you see officer....i live behind a football stadium and the guyz all ways come down near my bushes and pee all the time cuz they had one to many beers and so the one day i decided to go down and stand behind my bushes wit a pair of trimers for my bushes and every time they came down to pee in my bushes i would say ill let you pee here if you give me $20 and if you dont ill cut it off!! and well you see officer well thats were i got all of my money from!!" well then the officer starts laughin and says "thats a very good idea but whats in the other garbage can??" the old lady says "well officer all of them didnt give me $20"
he told me he loved me so much and that i ment the world to him && the next day he goes and breaks my heart </3

he asked me if i hated him and i answered saying no i dont hate you && when i told you i loved you i didnt lie = [
he told me he loved me so much and that i ment the world to him && the next day he goes and breaks my heart </3

he asked me if i hated him and i answered saying no i dont hate you && when i told you i loved you i didnt lie = [
NoEe MaTtEr -WhAt- PeOpLe SaYy
ThiS iZz HoW iTzZ gOn' BeE
ToGeThEr [.:.FoReVeR.:.]
<<Yuu>> -AnD- >>MeE<<

i love jeret owen blackman always and forever-[[10-18-05]]

please dont take credit=)thank you
BaYbii-there are a few things i have been wanting to express to you for a reall long time now. Im not sure if i will be able to but the thing is that i love you with all of my heart [[undescribable]] it seems like when im with you its heaven if im not its hell when i think of you my mind is full and when it all comes down to it you are the one that i want to be with for the rest of my life, your the only one i want to talk to and be with. When i think of all the times we have together it is a feeling of overwhelmness inside, a feeling nobody could possibly have, and i feel so lucky to be able to have that feeling. Our realationship is like a roller coaster ride we have our ups and downs but its getting better all the time. I may not be able to express to you that i love you by some the things i do and some of the actions i make, but i will always love you no matter what for the reason being that you are my first love and hopefully my last! Love hurts too bad to have to go through it with many people. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You light up my life when i wake up every morning being able to say that i love you every day and night and being able to talk to you just fills my mind with happiness! Sometimes all it takes from you is the touch of your hand and just knowing you are there makes me the happiest person i could be. I love you more than you will ever know>to the moon and back>times two and the biggest number in the world>times whatever you say by the biggest number in the world!! i love you with all of my heart and soul!

christina taylor and jeret owen>always and forever-aaf-nmw!

<3i love jeret owen blackman with all of my heart til death do us part<3
lets put a [gravestone] over our memories
so maybe i can rest in peace

100% original 100% mine!! rocks, no? hehe

bold=99.9% and hanging
bold&italiza=doesnt and .1% also change color to black
underline=but and 3
everytime our eyes meet
this feeling inside me is
almost more than i can take.

bold=everytime, inside, take
I don't want the guy that'll point to me
&& say "That's her." I want the guy that will put
His arms around me while his friends are
Saying, "So this is the girl you've been telling us about."
--» |[ CASPER * `


color= everything in grey except keep
bold=tell and forever
underline=love, you, casper
bold&itallize=keep --put in black
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